Love The Skin That You Are In

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Dear Black Girl,

Your skin is Golden. Ebony. Bronze. Beautiful black.

Your kinky hair is special, filled with coils that can grow down your back.

Your body is curvy. Voluptuous. Goddess-kissed.

You are a Queen, please don’t forget this.

You are not a bitch. You are not a hoe.

You are everything that embodies a woman.

What makes me upset is that we are only held up in high regard when its convenient for them.

Them, as in the people that lowkey envy every single thing about us.

We get mocked for being too dark, too fat, or too ghetto.

This torture makes some of us want to hide our true beauty and abandon the culture with pride.

It amazes me how a white girl can do the same thing and get famous for saying “cash me ousside.”

We aren’t good enough but yet every Kardashian wants to look like us.

From our hips, our hairstyles and even our curvaceous butts.

But that is not all that we are or all that we can aspire to be.

We are Queens, so why do we proudly want to be a “Barbie?”

Now I am not talking down on Nicki or her gimmick.

Kind of just got tired of this.

Tired of seeing young Queens take pride in being a “bad bitch.”

Black girl take pride in yourself. Don’t ever let someone try to turn you into someone else.


Poem By: Simone B.