Girl, Boss Up And Get That Shit Done!!

Goals, Mental Health Awareness

Are you working on a new business? A new book? Are you considering going to back to school? Or switching your career path?

Aye , Get it Girl!!

Okay, Okay Hold Up! Before we start twerking and stuff!

when’s the last time you actually dedicated some quality time to you and your goals? How many times have you delayed the process? How many times have you sat down and planned out in your head that you would begin on your project but, your career, family, friends, relationships, romance, or just wanting to relax got in the way of your vision?

Trust me, I’ve been there done that!

It’s actually okay to take a mental break from your aspirations, career, dreams and education. I mean it’s practically essential, downtime gives us the opportunity to rejuvenate and start fresh! But how do you know when you’ve had too much downtime?

Me, I try to set weekly and monthly goals, because I like to be organized and blah blah blah. If your like me, you start off strong 💪🏾and than once you lose interest, or something else gets in the way, you wont even attempt to put work fourth as much dedication and energy as you once did. Once I get that way, I only work on my goals when I feel motivated (which sucks 🙄)!

FACT: You aren’t always going to be motivated, so find something that you are seriously passionate about and pool all your energy into that.

Just like the next girl I love a good procrastinating excuse: “I’ll get to it tomorrow” or “perfection doesn’t happen over night”. But there does come a time where you get tired of being stuck in the same place month after month, and year after year.

As a new business owner, I too have been stuck in the “procrastination phase”. The process of creating a brand has been enjoyable but hard as f%^* because it requires a lot of dedication, energy and time!! Face it, your not also going to want to work, some days you just won’t feel like doing (were human s%^* happens). But you have to ask yourself: “why did I start?”

It is time to get serious about the women you want to become, about your future and about the legacy you want to leave behind. This can be achieved by incorporating 3 simple steps into your daily routine.

1. Schedule blocks or sessions: just like you do with everything else, set aside a chuck of time and dedicate it to your vision.

2. Cancel all Doubts and Fears: quit living by statements like “ my time will come” or “ when the moment is right” or “everyone is doing it, I won’t get noticed”. These are the exact statements that detour you from your vision and you don’t need that s^#* okay sis?

3. Remember why you started: This always keeps me fighting 🤜🏾 and lights a fire under my ass! The people that I want to help, The strides toward Mental Health in the African American Communities that I want to make keeps me going!!

How are you gonna boss up and get s^%* done this year?

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