Are You Good Sis?

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Dear Colored Women,

You have got to protect your MAGIC (Period)! For Black women, our self care is so important! We spend the majority of our time caring for the needs of others — family, friends, coworkers and spouses; so much so that we tend to put our own basic needs on the back burner. Which can be very damaging for us in the long run. 

So Sis, it is time to take care of YOURSELF! How does that saying go ” You can not pour from an empty cup? Well, who ever stated that is absolutely correct! 

Many people tend to equate self- care with lavish Vacations, Spa Days and expensive gifts; while that is great, it is important for you to know that self-care isn’t a one-time occasion that occurs every so often — it’s a daily practice. With that being said, here are few ways in which you can practice self-care daily.  

Physical.  Incorporating just 30 minutes of exercise each day can make all the difference in not just your physical health, but your mental health. The benefits of exercise include mood improvement, stress reduction, better sleep, and a happier spirit. Eating healthy and getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night can also add to you physical well being! 

Emotional. Laugh. Listen to your favorite podcast. Dance (or twerk) like no one is watching. Color in an adult coloring book for 15 minutes. Play that hidden object game that you’ve been to busy for (is it just me or are hidden object games the BEST!). It can be anything that renews your spirit throughout the day.

Social. It is important to set Boundaries; Don’t really feel like going out with Keisha for happy hour after work? Don’t want to cover Sally’s shift at work today? Than don’t! In fact, You should make a habit out of saying NO,  to any requests to your time, energy and resources that don’t align with your wants or needs. It is important that you also surround yourself with a great support system. 

Spiritual. Take a moment every day to practice mindfulness. You can practice this on your own, or even download a meditation app. Breathe. Count to ten. Say a Pray. Talk to GOD. Because being in touch with your soul and inner emotions helps you feel more connected to the world and is a perfect way to relieve the burdens of  daily stresses. 

Finical. Saving, Budgeting, money management and paying bills in a timely manner are all crucial to not only our physical health but to our Mental health as well! Because lets be honest the majority of our stress comes from bills. So it is very important to stay on top of your fiancees.  So that credit card that you were thinking about getting… don’t do it Sis, you’ll thank me later!

There are obviously several more ways in which you can keep up with your self-care.  These are just the tip of the ice berg. Share with me some of the ways in which you take care of yourself. 


“Caring for myself…is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.”

-Audre Lorde 

Love The Skin That You Are In

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Dear Black Girl,

Your skin is Golden. Ebony. Bronze. Beautiful black.

Your kinky hair is special, filled with coils that can grow down your back.

Your body is curvy. Voluptuous. Goddess-kissed.

You are a Queen, please don’t forget this.

You are not a bitch. You are not a hoe.

You are everything that embodies a woman.

What makes me upset is that we are only held up in high regard when its convenient for them.

Them, as in the people that lowkey envy every single thing about us.

We get mocked for being too dark, too fat, or too ghetto.

This torture makes some of us want to hide our true beauty and abandon the culture with pride.

It amazes me how a white girl can do the same thing and get famous for saying “cash me ousside.”

We aren’t good enough but yet every Kardashian wants to look like us.

From our hips, our hairstyles and even our curvaceous butts.

But that is not all that we are or all that we can aspire to be.

We are Queens, so why do we proudly want to be a “Barbie?”

Now I am not talking down on Nicki or her gimmick.

Kind of just got tired of this.

Tired of seeing young Queens take pride in being a “bad bitch.”

Black girl take pride in yourself. Don’t ever let someone try to turn you into someone else.


Poem By: Simone B.